Saturday, June 05, 2010

Maps Painting

"Planning" - Watercolor and sepia ink on140 lbs. watercolor paper.

This painting was used in concert with an article titled "Maps" by Jim McLennan featured in the latest edition of FlyFusion magazine. This is a great article about using multiple special use maps ( good old paper maps not GPS) as a means of locating that great fishing spot.


Eric B. Schultz said...

This is outstanding. Really!

BDL Palash said...

At the bottom of the post under the "Resources" heading
I listed that the sofas were from Plush Sofas (an Australian chain store).
Our living room is really tiny (it looks bigger in the photos!) so they are compact little two seaters.
We got them as floor stock so they were a great price.

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Shirley said...

Love this composition.

Sugeng raharjo said...

Love this composition.

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